Waldmann Adamas Fountain Pen Review

Let me introduce you to the Waldmann Adamas fountain pen.  This fountain pen is made of a solid sterling silver 925 tube with a fine barely pattern on the cap. The pen is a classic look and shape, tapering into a bulbous derby cap at the end of the cap that fastens the clip.

 Adamas Capped

  • Barley patterned cap
  • Spring loaded clip
  • Steel nib is smooth


  • Price
  • Finish shows wear easily when posting
  • Top-heavy poster
  • Body shows fingerprints

My Short Video:

Waldmann Adamas Fountain Pen Design

The clip runs almost the entire length of the fine barley patterned cap and is spring loaded, and highly functional. There is the W for Waldmann engraved on the end of the derby cap, a good use of space and not at all distracting from the fountain pen.

The only thing I don’t like is that if you post the cap on the back, the very highly polished finish on the body shows the wear almost immediately. I posted and un-posted this pen three times and there’s already a ring scratched around the body of the pen, disappointing but not unexpected for an almost mirror finish on this baby.


Steel Nib
Nib Width: 7mm
Nib Length: 17mm

Piston Cartridge/Converter Fill: Cartridge
Pull/Screw Cap: Screw
Capped Length: 140mm
Posted Length: 160mm
Uncapped Length: 121mm
Mid-Grip Width: 5mm
Cap Band Width: 8mm

Total Weight: 44g
Cap Weight: 22 g

waldmann adamas in box

The nib on the Waldmann Adamas that I’m reviewing is a fine, it’s also available in medium or broad. The nib is stainless steel with an iridium point, slightly disappointing at this price point. I’d really like to see a gold nib when you’re in this pricing neck of the woods.

This is a nice looking pen, but you can get it in a barley finish on the body with an enamel cap with a diamond, I would prefer that. It is at a higher price point, but comes with a real diamond in the clip and it’s a looker, check out the photo:

waldmann adamas diamond clip

The barley body would disguise some of the finish scratches if you plan to post the cap on the back.

A bulbous top with the clip extending down makes the look of this pen unique. I particularly love the spring loaded clip as it’s functional and attractive. It doesn’t grip so hard it will tear what you attach it to, but does hold itself wherever you attach the clip.

The barley finish on the cap (or body if you go with the upgraded enamel cap,) is gorgeous. It’s a beautiful finish that light dances off of.

Waldmann Adamas is also available in a mechanical pencil, the most attractive mechanical pencil I think I’ve ever seen, with your choice of red, black, blue or silver caps.

Two cartridges piggy-pack inside of the body so you don’t run out of ink and make for a handy carrying case inside of itself.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

I’m ambivalent about this nib. It’s not any better or worse than other nibs I’ve used, my issue is value for the price. If you’re going to spend upwards of $400, I want a BEAUTIFUL, BUTTERY nib made of gold that doesn’t just dance across the page, it glides like a professional ice skater.

This nib does it’s job, but I encountered some skipping on the Fine nib. It produces a good line width for a fine nib, but there’s no passion in it and skipping more than once when writing just kills my experience. It’s not a nib that you’ll ponder for minutes while thinking of your next line to write.

It’s more utilitarian.

It’s so hard to find the nibs that are juicy and amazing and you just want to brag about.

This nib is just not sexy.

I want sexy.

Of the three pens I reviewed from Waldmann at the time of this writing, this one is the priciest and yet my least favorite, in part because it is the priciest and should easily outshine the others from Waldmann and this one had some skipping. To be fair, it may be a bum nib… it might not be representative of the bunch, but either way, this one let me down.

I would love to review one of their solid gold nibs to see if it has a more buttery finish as I’d want from a pen at this price point. It is smooth when it’s not skipping (every once in a while, not always) and not too wet or dry using the included ink from Waldmann.

adamas writing sample

The Cap

The cap does post on the back!Wald

When you post the cap, because the body is highly polished, it unfortunately scratches the finish with a light ring showing where the cap was when you remove it. I only posted it three times and it already shows signs of wear from the cap.

It’s about 3.5 rotations to screw the cap on and off.

If you don’t post it, you’ll be happier… both because the finish will be saved and because the cap is too heavy to post for any length of time.

A bit heavy, it pulls out of your had from the weight being in the end of the cap. Good news is it stays put if you post it, it won’t chatter or fall off.

Is It a Good Overall Value?

The Waldmann Adamas is similar to the Tango within the same brand in looks but I prefer the Tango.

Adamas is a beautiful pen, but I don’t think it’s a great value for the price.

There are smoother, more buttery nibs with equally or more impressive bodies at the same price point and I’d choose one of those for overall value.

If you’re dead set on an Adamas, it will do it’s job and write consistently.

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