Waldmann Tango Review

Waldmann Tango is a beautiful, solid silver fountain pen with lightly pinstriped pattern extending from the end of the pen to almost the end of the cap. The look is classy, classic and clean. There’s even a rectangle box of flat silver to allow you to engrave the cap with a name if you so choose.


  • Classic Design
  • Shape and balance when not capped is ideal


  • Top-heavy cap when posted
  • Shows fingerprints

My Short Video:

Waldmann Tango Fountain Pen Design

Milled from a solid silver tube, this baby is gorgeous. Its the kind of shine only solid sterling silver can give. It’s a beautiful pen with a medium width.


Steel Nib or K Gold Nib Nib: Steel
Nib Width: 7mm
Nib Length: 19mm

Piston Cartridge/Converter Fill: Cartridge with room for converter or piggy backed cartridges!
Pull/Screw Cap: Screw
Capped Length: 132mm
Posted Length: 149mm
Uncapped Length: 119mm
Mid-Grip Width: 6mm
Cap Band Width: 8mm

Total Weight: 41g
Cap Weight: 17g

This pen screams class with its clean lines.

The cap narrows into an almost hourglass shape before the cap button above the clip, a beautiful sweeping curve sitting high atop the cap. The clip and branding are understated and complement the shape of the pen nicely.

An unusual touch, in fact it’s the first cap like this I’ve seen, is the rectangle bar across the cap that is not filigreed so you can engrave it with a name. What a novel idea for a gift pen!

Made from solid Sterling Silver 925/ooo, you can’t stand to look at the shine without touching it… and boy, it shines from far away.

I’m reviewing the medium steel nib on the Waldmann Tango. The pen comes with its own cartridge, which I’ve used for the writing sample.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

This pen is so gorgeous you just can’t wait to let it glide across the page. The steel nib is smooth and gives a comfortable, if stiff, ride.

I tested this pen in a way I don’t test most pens…

Fortunately for you and maybe unfortunately for the pen, I found myself testing this pen the day after women’s marches across the world, shortly after inauguration day for Donald Trump.

What is different about my journaling is that I wrote FURIOUSLY and FAST for five full sheets of paper with this pen. Well, correct that, I wrote for three pages before it started skipping and I ended up putting it down and grabbing the nearest ballpoint to keep up with my scrawls to get my thoughts on the page.

I was heated, so the thoughts were coming fast and I already write fast. Unfortunately, this was a little too fast for the feed and it had a hard time keeping up with my furious pace of ink to page and began to skip on page 3.
However, the first page when I was writing slower, the ink came to page as expected and there were no flow issues. I haven’t tested every pen under this kind of pressure but I do want to provide feedback on my experience.

The nib is smooth and it’s a bit of a wet writer actually, until you dry it out with your fastest scrawls of emotion bleeding onto the page.

If you’re a slow, or normal speed, more deliberate writer, this pen will make you happy. You can see in the writing sample below that it skipped on the initial down-stroke in both “Ws” in the brand name.

If you tend to write very fast or when you’re frustrated, it might start to skip a bit like it did for me.

The Cap on the Waldmann Tango

The Waldmann Tango has a screw on and off cap and it takes three rotations to remove and cap it.

As mentioned above, I used it to hand write three pages quickly and I like to write posted. The Tango is not comfortable posted.

The cap is far too heavy and pulls back out of your hand because the weight is at the far end of the cap  so it’s unbalanced when posted.

I removed the cap while writing and it was beautifully balanced. When the cap is off and I was writing slowly and deliberately, it’s a great writer.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

Waldmann Tango is a beautiful pen of solid shiny sterling silver. You can’t get a better looking pen at this price point.

It also has a bonus rectangle where you could engrave your name to keep people honest and keep your pen, or give it as a gift.

It’s a more expensive give, for a special someone to use in thoughtful correspondence. As long as you don’t post caps on the back (and many people have written me that they don’t,) and you usually write at normal speed,  you will love this pen.

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