Waldmann Xetra Review – Here’s What Happened

Wonder if the Waldmann Xetra is worth your money? I reviewed this stunner and will walk you through this fountain pen in detail so you can decide.

 Waldmann Xetra Vienna

  • Hand Engraved Finish
  • Beautiful Lacquer
  • Solid Sterling Silver barrel
  • Spring Loaded Clip


  • Top heavy when posted
  • Wish nib were solid gold
  • Six rotations to remove cap

My Short Video:

Waldmann Xetra Fountain Pen Design

The Waldmann Xetra is a beautiful white lacquer (also available in black lacquer with gold engraving, stunning!) which is beautifully hand engraved to showcase the solid sterling barrel underneath. I LOVE the abstract leafy engraving, it’s a pleasure to look at and to let your eyes wander across it from leaf to leaf picturing the craftsman hand engraving each and every one. Gorgeous.


Steel Nib
Nib Width: 6mm
Nib Length: 17mm

Cartridge/Converter Fill
Screw Cap
Capped Length: 134mm
Posted Length: 163mm
Uncapped Length: 113mm
Mid-Grip Width: 5mm
Cap Band Width: 7mm

Total Weight: 40g
Cap Weight: 18g


This is such a beautiful and eye catching design. The white lacquer is hand engraved to reveal the solid sterling silver barrel with a flourish of leaves and vines all over the cap. I love that it’s FULL of the engraving with probably half of the real estate of lacquer engraved to see the silver underneath. It makes for a stunning cap.

This is a romantic, if not feminine, cap. It looks decidedly feminine to me, but either way, it’s a stunner.

I appreciate the spring loaded clip as well and how easy it is to pull and attach without having to apply much pressure.

On the Amazon site, the description talks about it being X shaped, but I don’t see anything X shaped about this pen? You’ll have to email me and let me know if I’ve missed something.

It takes international short cartridges, a few of which are provided when you buy the pen. You can also purchase a converter if you prefer to bottle feed your baby.

As mentioned earlier, I’m reviewing the white lacquer with silver engraving, but there’s a black lacquer with gold engraving which is equally striking to look at.

How Does The Waldmann Xetra Nib Perform?

The nib on the Waldmann Xetra is steel and just like all steel nibs, it’s not flexible in the least. I WISH it came in a gold nib to produce an elegant feel to match the elegant finish.

The nib works just fine, no issues, it’s not the same buttery feel as a solid gold nib that whose tines will spread a bit while writing and produce a softer ride.

Waldmann Xetra doesn’t bleed, skip or otherwise let you down though, a solid performer.

Using the provided cartridges, it’s a medium writer, not too wet or too dry. I used it on a bunch of notebook paper and it performed admirably.

My only reservation would be that it’s not a poster, when you post the cap on the back, it becomes extremely heavy, so that makes it more of a special occasion writer for me personally. If you’re not a poster, this pen would work great for your needs.

The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means


The cap on Waldmann Adamas is a screw off cap. Always less favored for me than a pull off cap.

It takes a whopping six rotations to remove the cap, which is frustrating if you’re in a hurry to write something so this isn’t a good “notes for school” pen, this is a fountain pen for journaling (what I enjoy using it for) or special occasion notes to family and friends etc.

I can’t write with it posted without my hand cramping, the cap is too heavy and the weight is all at the back where the clip attaches so it will pull out of your had and away from the page a bit when your hand gets tired.

Good news is if the hefty cap doesn’t bother you posted, it stays put without any chattering on the back of the pen when posted!

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

This is such a beautiful specimen.

The Waldmann Xetra is a fantastic gift pen for a special lady who likes to feel important and look at something beautiful when she writes.

I would pair this pen with some high end stationery and a beautiful bow around all of it for an incredibly special gift to a writer in your life.

This isn’t an every day pen, this is for sure a special occasion or leave on your bedside table pen.

It will remind you that life is special and to capture it on the pages of your journal to hand down after you’ve lived a long and full life.

Get the price of the Waldmann Xetra fountain pen now on Amazon.