Waterman Carene Review

Don’t let your signature pen box you in, the Waterman Carene in contemporary white and gunmetal is a fountain pen that will help you break away from expectations and try something a little different.

This is my latest Waterman for review and it’s a looker. When I first began using fountain pens, I wasn’t really impressed by the look of inlaid nibs, but the longer I use them, the more they grow on me. There’s something about the aesthetic that I’ve grown to appreciate. The Carene also happens to be a great writer so there’s a lot to appreciate!

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen
  • Great Writer
  • Contemporary Design
  • Good Balance
  • Great Size
  • Pull Off Cap
  • Some minor skipping when first using, then wrote well

My Short Video

Waterman Carene Fountain Performance

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen with Duofold

From Left to Right: Parker Duofold, Waterman Carene, Waterman Charleston, Waterman Exception.

Ah performance, where the rubber meets the road.

I have a short story on this fountain pen. I received this pen on loan from Waterman and gladly plugged in a Florida Blue Waterman Ink cartridge and got on with my pushing-paper-around-the-desk day.

The Waterman Carene is second from left in the photo of four fountains earlier on this page. It is also mid-size and mid-weight of the three Watermans pictured starting from the right, so I was hoping for Goldilocks’ dream.

Before long, I was knee deep in frustration with skips and hard starts… angrily retracing letters after letter in my notes during six interviews I did that day.

I wanted to throw this pen across the room and thought, “Waterman is such a respected brand… why would they put out this trash?”

Then I realized in my excitement I hadn’t washed out the nib before plugging in the cartridge. This was MY fault

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen in Box

Wow. What a difference. Warm fuzzies overwhelmed me as I wrote. This is such a great writer as long as you actually wash it out between ink swaps. Who knows whose used it before me, so it was important to wash out any leftover dried ink in the nib which was creating problems.

The medium nib is a SMOOTH writer. Sometimes you have to experience the fire of the hot chili to appreciate the feeling when the heat subsides.

I more than appreciated how smooth this nib was after being entirely frustrated. Once it was properly cleaned and reassembled, it writes like a Champion. Yes, that’s a capital C in Champion.

The cap posts well, the tapered design lends itself well to posting and there was no metal-on-lacquer chatter and it stayed put for as long as I wrote.

I love the weight, at 31g it’s not too heavy, but has some heft from the gunmetal and lacquer. This fountain pen will write on anything and I experienced only minor bleed-through. (That’s to be expected from a medium nib on thin notebook paper.)

I finished my notes in blissful silence and I couldn’t wait to recount my experience to you in this review. It would make Goldilocks proud.

Fountain Pen Weight

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen Weight
Waterman Carene Fountain Pen Cap Weight

Waterman Carene Fountain Pen Overall Value

The Waterman Carene is a great fountain pen if you like the design. It’s contemporary look is appealing and you will love how it writes (just keep the nib clean!) I highly recommend this fountain pen for those who love its style.

Sometimes the care and maintenance of a fountain pen can be a much needed sharp shove into reality… clean out a nib and try it again before passing judgment! This fountain pen has a nice feel, not to bulky, not too slim and the weight is idyllic, you’ve found Goldilocks’ dream if it’s your style. Well, romantic visions of my interactions with fountains aside, this pen won’t disappoint.

Check out the price on the Waterman Carene on Amazon.

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