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Waterman is a long-standing, well-respected brand. Their nibs are fantastic and you can find models along most price points.

waterman kultur Phileas writing sample

Waterman Kultur Phileas Review

Do you want to discover one of my favorite cheap fountain pens? Of course you do, it’s why you’re reading! Well, you’ve arrived at one of my favorites for under $25 (at the time of writing,) from an iconic brand: the Waterman Kultur Phileas.        My Short Video: Waterman Kultur Phileas Fountain Pen […]

waterman perspective

Waterman Perspective Review

The Waterman Perspective is engraved with geometric lines that are concentrated near the cap band and get more sparse as you move toward either end of the pen. Somewhat thin and on the heavier side, the steel nib on this baby is wet and ink flows like ice cream on a hot day.

four waterman pens

Waterman Hemisphere Review

The Waterman Hemisphere Deluxe is a thin fountain pen. This Deluxe model comes with a beautiful chrome, wave-engraved cap that conceals fingerprints and its size makes it an easy pocket carry. Is it a poster? Find out…

Waterman Expert

Waterman Expert Deluxe Fountain Pen Review

Do you want to know how a sleek design, an engraved chrome cap and smooth writing make the Waterman Expert a tempting maven? Malcolm Gladwell said it takes 10,000 hours for expert performance in almost anything in his book, Outliers. Let’s get started and I’ll save you 9,999.8 hours of reading and research by sharing […]

waterman exception

Waterman Exception Review

The Waterman Exception is aptly named. No section threads, the luscious nib attaches to the body with a twist of a bayonet lug mechanism. James Bond Anyone?

waterman elegance in box

Waterman Elegance Ivory GT

The Waterman Elegance is a gorgeous wet writer. The ivory lacquer on this wide fountain pen is deep and feels like you’re looking into, not at, the finish. The floral motif is decidedly feminine but it also comes in black with lined engraving which is masculine.

Waterman Charleston Cap Off

Waterman Charleston

The Waterman Charleston is streamlined and has a unique barrel band and ribbing that hark back to their 100 Year Pen. The placement of the barrel band and unique, dual ribbed rings around it, is odd when the pen is capped. But when posted, Waterman’s pen-as-canvas philosophy is evident. Detailed attention to conservative beauty.


Waterman Carene Review

The Waterman Carene will pique your visual interest. When posted, the engraved triangles on the gunmetal cap balance the palladium-plated,18K gold inlaid nib in black on the other, and both sides are separated by a white resin body. This pen will please even highly discriminating people.