Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver Review

Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver is one beauty of a pen!

This is one of the more beautiful pens I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing… it’s a bigger than average pen, but not as large as some of the beefier fountain pens on the market. What is striking about it is the gold on silver finish along with the band of cubic zirconia gems around the body of the pen.

xezo maestro 925 posted

  • Medium-large size
  • Striking gold on silver
  • Smooth Nib
  • Cubic Zirconia gems


  • 925 silver marking is hard to see and looks like a small defect in finish
  • Nib size stamp and brand stamp are not the same color as the filigree engraving.

My Short Video:

Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver Fountain Pen Design

047This is serial number ONE of the Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver model. I’m so excited to not only review this pen, but I will be gifting it to one lucky Facebook friend a few weeks after this review is live!

(If we’re not friends already, friend me as I’ve given away fountain pens that manufacturers give me just for this purpose. I’m targeting more of these giveaways in the next year as well.)


The Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver is beautiful. You immediately feel a bit regal just pulling it out of the box. No part of the pen was overlooked in the design on this one.

The detail that went into planning the balance, weight distribution and coloring of the cross-hatched finish will leave you smiling like a school kid. The clip is appropriately sized and shaped to the rest of the cap.

Balance is not an issue, Xezo made sure this posts well and has a great feel in your hand.

If you’re looking to impress people, this is a fountain pen that will do it right out of the box. The fit, finish and all of the fabulous-ness of this pen will grab your attention.

Medium nibs are best sellers, and this #1 in the series is a Medium nib (as shown below.)

This takes a converter or cartridge and comes with both. It uses international short cartridges and the converter appears to hold almost as much as the international short cartridge.

Yes, you can piggy-back cartridges in the body of this pen, but it’s not designed for it (with a spring or rubber/felt built into the end of the body to hold pressure on the upper cartridge) so the upper cartridge chatters as you write when you stack two of them inside.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?


Maestro 925 has a small nib relative to the scale of the pen. This is a good size for people who like to write with their fountain pen similar to how they write with a ballpoint, choking up on the bat a bit to get closer to it.

I do prefer to write a little further back and a larger nib forces you to do just that.

The nib is a standard steel nib that’s been electroplated with gold over most of it, leaving behind the stainless steel “shoulders” so you end up with a two-toned nib.

The nib is smooth and reliable.

As with other Xezo pens I’ve reviewed, the nibs appear to be white labeled or bought from a manufacturer, then have the nib size and Xezo brand stamped on them as the brand and nib size appear to be stamped on after electroplating where the Iridium Point Germany is engraved into the nib before electroplating.

My only two cons in the overall look of this pen are:

1. Wishing the brand name stamp and nib size stamp were using finer lines, the line width of both doesn’t compliment the nib as much as it could if a finer line width of stamp was used, more closely resembling the line width of the manufacturer info on the point and country of origin.

2. The 925 hallmark (shown in a photo below the writing sample): I wish it was either omitted or moved somewhere that you could more easily read it and didn’t detract from the finish of the pen, it’s hard to read.  It could be finished with sterling silver in the center of the end cap and stamped there so it didn’t detract from the beautiful finish. The 925’s barrel and cap are SOLID 925 sterling silver tubing. The barrel is hallmarked 925 and 925 is stamped on the cap to show that each is solid 925 sterling silver.

That is a minor distraction from the overall look and function of the fountain pen.

The German nib is smooth and there were no flow issues with this pen at all. Do I wish it were 14K gold for an even cushier ride? Of course. But I wish ALL nibs were 14 or 18K because I love the extra shock absorption that the gold tines pick up as you write.

Having said that, this is a great writer in a beautiful body.

The nib writes well on all of the paper I used it on, using the enclosed cartridges from Xezo. It’s smooth and it’s a medium writer, not too wet or dry using the ink Xezo provided. It does well on notebook paper without bleeding through to the backside.


The Cap – Screw/Pull/Post and What That Means

051The Xezo Maestro 925 has a screw on/off cap that takes three rotations to get on and off. The threads are spaced widely so it’s easy to thread it and I didn’t worry about cross-threading it by accident.

There is a nice pyramid shaped derby cap on the end of the cap, adding a little style to what could be a very boring part of the cap. 🙂

The pen is a good weight, on the heavy side of the spectrum if you’re used to plastic and resin fountain pens, but nicely weighted for those of us used to brass bodied pens.

It’s a poster!

The cap posts securely on the back, thanks to a nice inner cap liner and due to that liner, I’m less worried about marring the finish of the back of the pen when I write posted with this bad boy.

The clip is a great, understated shape and compliments the rest of the pen well.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

This is a beautiful fountain pen with all of the hallmarks of a pricey and elegant fountain pen.

The look of it leans me toward recommending it for special occasion use rather than a daily writer, but it could handle either. It’s a beautiful finish that walks the line between attention getting and elegant without crossing into gaudy territory.

Maestro 925 is sterling silver and will require polishing like grandma’s fine silverware did, so keep that in mind, but Xezo has you covered, it includes a silver polishing cloth with purchase.

This would be a great gift pen for a special someone.

Get the price of the Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver fountain pen now on Amazon.