Xezo Maestro LeGrande Review

Special edition Xezo Maestro has a deep lacquer finish, almost resembling a Jolly Rancher in its translucent red.

Rhodochrosite is the red mineral finish, the series is also available in Moldavite green, Dioptase blue and Tanzanite blue. I thought Red was fitting as I first received it for review in December, it’s festive for the holidays!

What I love at first glance is the heft of it. Before you even pick it up, you can tell this is a large, beefy fountain pen.

 Xezo Maestro Capped

  • Limited Edition
  • Finish is masterful
  • Expensive Look
  • Large nib


  • 7 rotations to remove the cap
  • Must screw on cap to post
  • Posted cap is way too heavy in hand

My Short Video:

Xezo Maestro LG Rhodochrosite Fountain Pen Design

Upon removing the cap of the Xezo Maestro LeGrande, you’ll find a BEAUTIFUL, very large nib.

It’s hard to stop staring at it. The finish by itself is amazing, but uncap it, and you’ve found a new level of warmth in your heart for the large nib to balance such a large pen.

I love the Greek key looking engraving on a black background around the ends of the body on both sides. It’s a great touch to wrap the beautiful red body.


Steel Nib or K Gold Nib Nib: Steel
Nib Width: 9mm
Nib Length: 24mm

Piston Cartridge/Converter Fill: Cartridge or Converter
Pull/Screw Cap: Screw
Capped Length: 142mm
Posted Length: 165mm
Uncapped Length: 123mm
Mid-Grip Width: 8mm
Cap Band Width: 12mm

Total Weight: 59g

Maestro LG in box

This is one powerful looking pen. As soon as you open the box (which butterflies down the middle,) you see a big, juicy Jolly Rancher red finish with a pronounced clip that perfectly balances the visual weight of the pen.

The shape of the Maestro Rhodochrosite is just slightly bulbous cap and body with each end tapering ever so slightly on each individual piece.

Xezo was kind enough to give me serial number 001 in their Limited Edition series in order to give away to one lucky reader! Follow me on Facebook if you haven’t already for this raffle and more like it!

There are four colors based on four different minerals used to create the finish for this series: Rhodochrosite Red, Moldavite Green, Dioptase Blue and Tanzanite Blue. They come in Fine or Medium nibs, I’m reviewing the Fine nib.

I appreciate the choice between cartridge or converter in the box. I plugged in the cartridge to show how it writes with the company supplied cartridge, but I’d sure love to run some of my favorite bottled inks through it too.

The end of the section (the piece that your hand holds it to write,) flares at the bottom to keep your fingers from sliding onto the nib, that is a handy feature in higher end fountain pens that I appreciate.

How Does The Nib Perform On Different Papers?

Xezo Maestro LG Nib Closeup

I’m probably in the minority here, but a big, beefy pen like this makes me want a thick, wet line when writing.

Because it’s a fine nib, I got exactly that, a fine line. Since there is an option for a medium, I’d probably pick a medium if I had to do it over again as I like to use special occasion fountain pens to journal with and this one is not dry, but definitely fine.

The steel nib is hard, not flexible, but it’s big and it’s not scratchy.

You’ll enjoy looking at it as you write and when you uncap it.

The nib is smooth, more dry than wet. The ink used in the writing sample is from the cartridge supplied with the pen. This pen has a fine nib, and there’s no ghosting on the back of my thin journal paper and no bleeding or feathering.

You can even use the Le Grande Maestro on notebook paper without issue.

I would consider this more of a special occasion pen than a daily carry because of the amazing eye, catching finish, as well as the time consuming twisting to get the cap on and off each time you want to write. I’ve learned to appreciate screw on/off caps, but I prefer 2-3 rotations max otherwise it feels like an “event” rather than just taking a second to jot something down.

The look of the nib is downright sexy though. It’s manly, big and eye catching. That counts!

writing sample xezo maestro

The Cap 

The Maestro LG has a screw on cap and a downfall of this massive pen is that it takes seven rotations to screw the cap on and off, meaning this will not be convenient for daily use, this automatically puts it into my special occasion/for journaling pen category.

When posting the cap on the Maestro LeGrand series, you’ll need to screw it onto threads, which is a bit of a chore since it’s quite a few rotations. I did this to see how it felt in my hand and it was too heavy. WAY TOO HEAVY.

I wrote about two sentences before I decided this is not a poster type of fountain pen and removed the cap and went on journaling. Capless, the Rhodochorosite Maestro felt balanced and big, just like I like most of my pens.

Because it screws on, the cap WILL stay posted if you want it to, but it’s more trouble to screw it into the threads after uncapping it, it’s not worth it. It’s also way too heavy, they should’ve just left the threads off. I just set it on the table and let my hand relax with less weight and the clip will keep it from rolling off the table for you.

Who is the Fountain Pen Good For? Is It a Good Overall Value?

You would want the Maestro LG Rhodochrosite fountain pen as a beautiful gift pen for someone who loves red, the Christmas holiday or to complement a collection of boring black fountain pens. The red on this pen is just the right blue-based red, not gaudy or over the top… it’s classy and beautiful.

This is a pen for addressing envelopes, writing love letters, or documenting your life in your journal. It’s not one I’d let bang around the bottom of my bag, as I’m currently doing with this Lamy.

Clearly, this masterful, many-layers-deep finish will make any fountain pen enthusiast happy. It’s a limited edition and the other color options are just as striking I’m sure.

As you sit there reading this, I know you’re thinking about all of the ways you could use this pen as a gift or to love yourself. You’d be on track. You won’t be disappointed, the finish, as with most Xezo fountain pens, is to die for.

Just don’t expect this to be  your beater, every day pen, it takes too much twisting to get the cap on, off and posted for that.

Get the price of the Xezo Maestro LeGrande fountain pen now on Amazon.

P.S. If you’re looking for beater pens that you won’t mind using and abusing, I’d suggest checking out the AL Sport, Vanishing Point or Liliput (if you like tiny pens!)