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Maestro LG Uncapped

Xezo Maestro LeGrande Review

Special edition Xezo Maestro has a deep lacquer finish, almost resembling a Jolly Rancher in its translucent red. Rhodochrosite is the red mineral finish, the series is also available in Moldavite green, Dioptase blue and Tanzanite blue. I thought Red was fitting as I first received it for review in December, it’s festive for the […]


Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver Review

Xezo Maestro 925 Sterling Silver is one beauty of a pen! This is one of the more beautiful pens I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing… it’s a bigger than average pen, but not as large as some of the beefier fountain pens on the market. What is striking about it is the gold on silver […]

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Xezo Maestro Black Mother of Pearl

Have you seen the finish on the Xezo Maestro Black Mother of Pearl fountain pen yet? This baby has browns, blacks and even a hit of gold in the MOP, amazingly beautiful finish.        My Short Video: Maestro Black Mother of Pearl Fountain Pen Design The Maestro Black Mother of Pearl  is one beautiful, yet […]

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Xezo Architect Review

  The Xezo Architect Review, this is the third Xezo fountain pen I’ve reviewed recently. Although it’s still a great pen, it isn’t as comfortable to me as the other three pens.        My Short Video: Xezo Architect Review: Design   This is a wide pen, and I like wide pens. It has a […]

maestro seashell on book

Xezo Maestro Natural Sea Shell Review

Are you ready to see a fountain pen that will blow your socks off? Seriously, how does a sea snail shell produce such a beautiful work of art? This gorgeous example of the (Abalone) will make you drool. Yep. DROOL.        My Short Video: Xezo Maestro Natural Sea Shell Design This pen is eye-catching. It’s […]


Xezo Incognito Fountain Pen Review

The Xezo Incognito fountain pen has a beautiful guilloche engraved finish, with several layers of translucent lacquer and is finished with manual polishing. This is one eye-catching pen.        My Short Video: Xezo Incognito Design Review The Xezo Incognito arouses feelings of status and romance when you look at the finish. The diamond-cut rows […]